Just a Walk in the Park: A Guide to Draft Dog Training

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**This Book is one of the few books that show you how to setup your cart or wagon.**B.W.**

Teach your dog to be a draft dog!

Almost any dog can learn to work and pull a cart – it just shouldn’t look like work! Just a Walk in the Park describes a philosophy I have when judging Draft Tests for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA). It describes the ideal effortless performance where the teamwork between handler and dog is so good that you can forget that the dog was pulling a cart. Whether you have never performed draft work with your dog, or are fine-tuning your performances for your next draft test or parade, or anywhere in between, Just a Walk in the Park will get you pulling in the right direction!

What you will learn

• How to select the correct equipment and get it adjusted properly for safety, comfort and performance

• Progress through the basics of pulling, turning, and the intangibles that improve your teamwork

• Take an in-depth look at training for all of the exercises for the Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland, and Rottweiler draft tests

• Learn how to prepare yourself and your dog to meet and exceed draft test requirements

What experts are saying about Just a Walk in the Park

Just a Walk in the Park is a great new addition to the dog trainer's library. Whether you are new to the idea of drafting or an experienced veteran, this book is for you. Just a Walk in the Park is written in a conversational style that feels like training tips from a friend. It's easy to understand and enjoyable to read... a true "walk in the park". If your four-footed buddy could read he'd say "Buy this book and let's go carting!”~ Ruth Nielsen, BMDCA Draft Judge

Just a Walk In the Park is a lovely book with a wonderful sentiment and so much more. It is perfect for a beginner to truly understand the equipment, the processes, and the tests so they are more able to learn about drafting with their dog. It is also a good refresher for people who need a little more help and understanding of the fine points. Just a Walk In the Park shares the mechanics and love of the game better than any I have seen.~ Valerie Horney, BMDCA Draft Judge


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