Meet the Craftsman

bill-and-mac.jpgWelcome, my name is Bill Wilczek. My wife, Barbie Beck-Wilczek, and I live in a log home in Littleton, New Hampshire. We share our home with our beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs who allow us to use them our professional equipment testers and models for many of the pictures of our products.

We got our first Bernese Mountain Dog, Rufous, in 1997 and have had up to four of them at a time since then. Information on our dogs can be found on this website. We have enjoyed many different performance events, conformation, occasionally breeding and therapy dog work with most of them.


Our introduction to carting was a weekly class with Rufous at which the instructor said we needed to have a cart by the third class. I thought it would be a fun project in my workshop and made our first set of Training Wheels. When the other classmates saw them, they asked if I could make more for them.

In the late 1990’s, Barbie and I left the corporate work environment in New Jersey and started very different second careers. I have enjoyed woodworking as a hobby for many years. We also love most dog related activities. We have a deep appreciation of nature, enjoy gardening, and are avid birders. 

Knowing that the best job you can have is one that provides an opportunity to do the things you enjoy most, we bill-w.jpgfounded Wilczek Woodworks in 2000. We now feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy our hobbies and call it work!

Because we have such great personal interest in all of the items our firm designs and creates, we take great pride in our work. Our efforts and end results are infused with great integrity.

In today's throwaway society, I choose to make quality wooden items that will last not just a few years, but generations. They will become possessions to be proud of, and to share with family and friends. All of our products are carefully crafted and superior quality products.

Cheap lumber, particle board, and plastic parts have no place in my products. I use only the very best hardwoods -- woods that show their true color and beauty with furniture grade oil based finishes. 

Everything I create is made by hand, one piece at a time, using ages-old woodworking techniques. From the first cut of personally selected rough lumber to the last coat of finish, each product is crafted to show the rich color, texture, and pleasing grain of the natural wood. No detail is overlooked; quality is never compromised. We pride bill wilczekourselves on craftsmanship at Wilczek Woodworks. We believe that the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

We believe that customer service does not end with the delivery of our products. We will continue to support you in setting up your equipment as well as your drafting adventures with our equipment and cheer you on in draft tests, parades, and whatever other drafting activities you pursue.

We hope you enjoy our Website and photo gallery. We know you'll enjoy our products, and look forward to creating something special just for you.