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The Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin carting at a discounted price.

The 16" wheel measure 14.5" 

Training Wheels
A lightweight cart with platform for optional wooden or folding basket or customer supplied Freight Box. Training wheels have removable, bent metal shafts, a wood tree and 12.5" or 16"" or 20" wheels. Please note the wheels are now foam filled. Never needs air or will never go flat.

We can now make custom sizes for small dogs.

Wilczek Siwash Dog Carting Harness This specialty nylon harness must be sized for your dog. Very specific measurements (click here for measuring info) will be required to ensure proper fit. We may contact you to confirm all measurements. This same harness may be used with all of our carts and wagons.

"Sacrificial" Tree When your dog first begins training for this sport, he will drag lightweight items behind him on the ground (no cart yet!). The tree (normally connects harness traces to the cart) will drag on the ground during early training. This "sacrificial" tree is provided specifically because it will be damaged during training.

Manual: "Fun with Draft-Canine Training Workbook" This workbook has been produced by Phil Chagnon and Lea Doane to introduce dog lovers and their canine companions to the sport of Draft. It is a training reference guide for all levels of draft work.

Basic 12.5" Wheel Starter Kit -  no basket...$320

Deluxe 12.5" Wheel Starter Kit - folding basket...$370

Basic 12.5" Wheel Starter Kit with folding basket...$370

Basic 16" Wheel Starter Kit -  no basket...$320

Deluxe 16" Wheel Starter Kit with folding basket...$360

Deluxe 16" Wheel Starter Kit with wooden basket... No longer available 

Our very popular Training Wheels have gotten a little bigger. We have added 16" composite wheels and your choice of a wooden or our new foldinging basket. The Peterboro Basket Company, established in 1854, has made a custom-sized, hand-made wooden basket just for us. I'm sorry to say that after 168 years they went out of business. The folding basket fits nicely. on the platform. If you add a weight insert, you will be all set to participate in a novice draft test. The price of this package is significantly less than if the items were purchased separately.

Starter Kit Options

Weight Insert...$ 20

20" Poly Wheels Substituted for 16" wheels... $40***

***Recommended for dogs over 26 inches.

**Because of size extra shipping charges may apply**

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