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Replica Antique Hay Cart

  • Completely redesigned for ease of adjustment
  • Easily disassembles for transport
  • Adjustable length shafts
  • Multiple height adjustments
  • Optional Solid Rubber Wooden Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Axle
  • Faithfully reproduced from ash, hickory and other hardwoods
  • Wooden staggered spoke wheels with steel rims and wooden hubs
  • 400 pound capacity
  • Bent Wooden Shafts or Aluminium Shafts

Black Fiberglass Wheels are recommended for competition because they are approximately 18 pounds lighter than the wooden wheels and they have much better traction. 

 Hay Dog Carts Choices: 

Black Fiberglass Wheels with Black Aluminum Shafts (Basic) ... $755
Black Fiberglass Wheels with Bent Wooden Shafts ... $910
Steel Rimmed Wooden Wheels with Bent Wooden Shafts ... $1095
Solid Rubber Wooden Wheels with Bent Wooden Shafts (Deluxe) ... $1195

Add a set of Black Fiberglass Wheels plus axle to your Wooden Wheels they are much lighter in weight and have better traction than the wooden wheels. Great for competition... $145

Convert your cart from one dog to two dogs with the Three Shaft Brace upgrade for Hay Carts. $220.


Weight Insert ... $79

Metal Sleigh Runners for Small, Mid-size, Large and Hay Carts ........ $129


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